When you kiss another person it is a touch that connects two people for a moment in a way you don’t with everyone. Sometimes a type of food or taste brings reminiscence whether good or bad and it’s so quick

Taking the time to see that there is so much beauty in a world most just see as destruction. If you look hard enough I guarantee you’ll see things differently

Words break and mend. They may just be sound coming from your mouth, but they are so much more powerful then they seem.

It can remind you of a single moment in time, or even a person you once loved completely that you no longer have. A smell can be so strong to bring out emotions, it could be any kind. Regardless of how many thousands of smells we’ve taken in, it’s amazing that you can smell the same one and go right back to a time in your life

Feeling someone else’s skin is a feeling that could be a form of respect by a handshake, a hug that maybe someone was desperately needing, just someone putting their hand on your back letting you know things will be okay

- The Five Senses (via thinkstraightliftweights)
Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life? - Matty Healy (via stability)

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